Materials and colors in the interior design of the living room


According to research by experts, the most valuable color of the time is still the color of the armchairs, sofas, accessories in strong and characteristic tones, in Cassina's modern classics. , Ligne Rose or Thonet. So enjoy this exciting journey.


So the interior color trend is asking a lot of questions and needs to incorporate what with this color tone and in what range. Color is the highlight of the trend in interior design2018 and the aesthetics of the entire space in the house. It is noteworthy that the pastel girlie girlie quickly became a norm.

We have noticed that, after a visit to the interior, the repetitive presence of bright colors or lemon yellow is the only choice for them. But this is not the audacious choice expressed by the designer in color. The ultra-modern interior design trend of 2018 is the red orange or green pad. And green in design and yellow - blue will be the best choice in 2018/2019.


An interior design trend this year has also been discovered with the color of green, dark color, Bordeaux red is the combination that creates a style of furniture completely breakthrough. This interior style was inspired by the Viena stores of the turn of the 20th century

Talking about the influence of Baroque interior design, we have to pay attention to materials such as velvet, metal, dark wood. The highlights in satin yellow, made of brass are the inheritance of co-adornment in this year's living room decor. This highlights the noble right in the interior of the home.

The Scandinavian style interior design 2018 represents a classic glamorous modernity when fitted with a yellow armchair for unmistakable aristocratic elegance. The balance shown in the living room interior is rich in antique style combined with luxurious materials, bold colors and attractive details.

An unmatched set of living room chairs, they possess all the striking features of a contemporary, sleek color that remains soft with rich textured shapes, giving you a space. relaxed atmosphere.

Interior Design Trends 2018 for large, comfortable, richly decorated, colorful living rooms are inspired by a 35-year-old design that brings together classic experiences. The characteristic feature of the collection is the large lined fleece cushions that make for the most relaxing experience.

A beautiful modern Scandinavian style living room design: a four-storey villa, a simple space that is modern, cubic, combined with attractive, organic texture with a black color scheme..