The Box House: A Modern Fortress Of Retractable Walls & Courtyards

Architect Flavio Castro of FC Studio in São Paulo, Brazil embarked upon building his very own private home, a project he aptly entitled the ‘Box House’. The house is a two-storey, one bedroom abode, where most of the rooms are equipped with sliding walls that open up to lush courtyards. Castro chose to utilise the largest amount of buildable land possible for his flat-roofed creation, which limited the use of glass on two of the facades that come to the neighbours. A perimeter wall of concrete and sliding metal doors hide the property from the residential neighbourhood in which it stands, on a rectangular corner situated plot.

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In pursuit of a brief construction period, Castro adopted prefabricated elements that are atypical to Brazil, and durable materials that included steel, concrete and glass. However, the fast tracked frame and hardy materials seem to fade away amongst the flourishing greenery that grows around.

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Earthy toned furniture fits with the surrounding plants, whilst two crisp white modern coffee tables occupy the centre spot in the living room. A floating staircase ascends the back wall of the living room – appearing more like a piece of contemporary art than a set of steps.



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The property pushes up against the boundary on this side – leaving just enough room for a narrow border of tropical plants. Mini planters bring greenery to the centre of the room on the coffee tables.

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Blue nesting tables and a blue toned area rug add some fresh colour to the interior. The red accent pieces in the room create high contrast and heat.

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To the side of the main living space, there is an outside dining area. A round table is equipped with five modern outdoor chairs.

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The outdoor dining set is situated on a tiled patio, which has a small reflection pool sunken into it.

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Fully retractable walls make for a seamless transition between inside and out – perfect for living in a hot climate.


When the doors are retracted, it’s the concrete perimeter that becomes the new walls of the house.