4 Bright & Cheerful Interiors That Use White & Wood To Good Effect

White and wood interiors have a wonderfully light air about them, with just the right hint of warmth and texture coming from the natural grain. Having plain white walls helps to make a compact modern apartment feel more spacious within its constraints for sure, but how about splashing some extra interest and a little cheer into that contemporary decor scheme too? These four white and wood interior designs provide clarity of space whilst achieving a bright and cheerful atmosphere thanks to carefully considered layouts, uplifting accent colours, unexpected areas of en vogue pattern and trendy home accessories with an element of fun.

The first of our four white and wood based interiors is a living space that combines the kitchen, dining room and lounge areas.

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A white sofa is situated at the centre of the longest wall, decorated with one bold geometric print cushion and one a pop of blue. The couch doubles up as banquette seating since one side of the dining table is pushed up flush against it. Four white and wood dining chairs are situated around the remaining sides of the matching modern dining table.



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Black metal industrial style lighting hangs in a cluster above the rectangular table surface. Blue decorative vases and blue glasses on the table match the bright throw cushion on the seating.

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A neat wall mounted console unit holds electronic devices and media beneath a flat screen television.

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White kitchen cabinets span each side of the room, sandwiching the dining and lounge area in the centre.

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Monochrome geometric patterned tiles make a beautiful backsplash over each half of the divided kitchen.

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Black and white art prints are arranged as a gallery wall over the small sofa.